Top 5 Reasons To Have Your Work Event Outside Of The Office

Do you ever feel trapped inside of the office and like you want to get out for a little bit? Many people feel more productive when they’re not stuck working at cubicles all of the time! Here are some other great reasons to host your corporate meetings and work events at someplace that’s NOT your headquarters!

1) Food
Need we say more? When you host your event outside of the office, you have the option to cater food for people! Nothing gets your employees fired up and ready to work like free food.

2) Change of scenery
Science shows that stretching your legs and changing up the scenery allows for more productivity. When you host an event outside of the office, it gives your employees a break from the same setting and gets the creative juices flowing

3) Team Building
Having all of your employees gather together at a place outside of the office fosters friendships and teamwork, which is invaluable to a company!

4) Better presentation
When you host your meeting offsite, you have more room to freely move around and set up your presentations. When people feel comfortable and not cooped up in a small space, they are more likely to he happy to contribute to discussions and more productive.

5) Less formality
When you host your corporate event offsite, it turns it into a more fun event rather than another day at work!
Thinking about hosting your next meeting offsite? Downtown Bryan events has the perfect package for you whether you’re interested in SEAD Gallery, The Grand Stafford Theater, or the Urban Garden!

Graduation Party in SEAD Gallery!

Happy graduation, Aggies!

Last Friday, we hosted a graduation party in SEAD Gallery. The celebration was held for a couple that graduated on the same day, so there was definitely lots to celebrate!

Global Event Group brought in some delicious barbecue, and the graduates shared a giant cake in honor of their success.

Family and friends from both sides joined in the celebration, sharing fun memories from throughout their careers as college students. Maroon and white decor completed the atmosphere! With country music playing all afternoon long, Cathy and John’s graduation party was a great way to celebrate their time in college and look forward to their next adventure!

Our graduation party packages include the rental of your choice of our four venues, set up which includes tables, chairs, and linens, menu options from local caterers, and Aggie-themed party decor! Also available are options such as bar services and photo documentation!